Personalized wooden watch box

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✔ Made from natural wood
✔ Pillows included
✔ Dimensions:
- 2 slot watch box - 18*9*8cm
- 4 slots watch box - 18*18*8cm
- 5 slots watch box (4 + 1 big slot) - 27*18*8cm
- 6 slots watch box - 27*18*8cm
- 8 slots watch box - 36*18*8cm
- 10 slots watch box - 44*18*8cm
- custom size
✔ Watch slot size - 7.5*7.5cm - Big slot size 7.5*15.5cm
✔ Eco friendly materials only

How to order
  • Select the Type of Wood & Slots Size
  • Select the personalization option (NO or YES)
  • Select the quantity
  • Add to cart
  • Request your personalizations in cart: Choose logo or font also we can engrave your own image. (Place where you want personalization
    - Add engraving details in note to order before checkout , example - (Logo 7 - Big letter B and Alex inside)
    - If you don't want personalization - just write NO)
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    If you are a fun of different watches then you’ll definitely need this
    wonderful simple and elegant wooden watch box. ⌚
    From now on you won’t be puzzled where to keep your favorite watches.
    Its cutting edge design will complement either smart watches, casual or classic ones. It is up to you to choose!
    Further, wooden keeping box will be a great addition to watches you
    are going to make a gift to your beloved and close person. 🎁

    Appreciate the top quality and features, order now! ⏳

    Material: Walnut\Oak\Ash 🌲